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Poultry Housing Guide in Philippines

Housing is one of the most important biosecurity measures when it comes to poultry production in Philippines. There are different kinds of houses or housing structures that should build based on the kind of poultry production that are planning to undertake in the Philippines. For example, you can build houses for the following kinds of poultry:-

  • Houses for Broilers
  • Houses for Layers
  • Free Range Chicken Houses
  • Houses for Chicks/Brooders

Building the right kind of house for your poultry will guarantee a high level of survival. There are several things that you need to consider when you are planning to build poultry house for the above named types of poultry farming. For example, you should consider the following:-

  • The Environment of your area
  • The housing orientation
  • The housing model or plan
  • The materials you plan to use
  • Stocking density of the house
  • Budget for the house
  • The number of chickens that you plan to rear
  • Do you plan to expand in the future?

Stocking density for poultry house in Philippines

The kind of stocking density that will depend on the age of the chicken and the kind of poultry that you plan to raise. Here are some of the stocking densities are recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture and various poultry experts in the Philippines:-

Housing Density for Layers in Philippines:-

  • For Day Old to 4 Weeks: Have 15 sqcm per chick
  • From 4 weeks to 8 weeks: Have 30 sqcm per chick
  • From 9 weeks to Laying age: Have 50-60 sqcm per hen

Housing Requirements for Broilers in Philippines:-

  • From Day 1 to 3 Weeks: Have 0.3 sq ft per chick
  • From 3 weeks to 4 weeks: Have 0.5 sq ft per bird
  • From 5 weeks to market age: Have 1.0 sq ft per bird

Check additional information on feeding and watering space along with housing plans and models on our Filipino Poultry blog.

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Free Chicken Farming in Philippines

Free Chicken Farming in Philippines

Free range chicken farming in Philippines is well-adapted for small scale poultry farmers in Philippines because they do not require very intensive management. Filipino farmers interested in free range poultry farming can use a semi-intensive farming technique that is low cost and still allows them to rear top quality chicken profitably.

Also, thanks to the growing trend towards healthy lifestyles, more Filipino farmers now opt for free range chickens because they are relatively healthy and antibiotic-free. They spend more time in the open air and are more exposed to sunshine. They develop more muscle and produce very healthy and tender meat that does not shrink when it is cooked. Besides, the farmer does spend too much time in intensive management. They can formulate their own feeds or buy them formulated feeds which can be supplemented with some locally available foods or even food leftovers.

The housing for free range chickens must be built in a certain way unlike the layer and broiler chicken houses which are generally squeezed in cages. For free range farming, you have to embrace more open spaces. Have at least 1 square feet per bird. For example, if you are going to rear 500 chickens in free range model, you have to build a house in a deep litter system which is 500 square feet so that the chickens do not grapple with things such as overcrowding.

In the Philippines, there are various kinds of chicken breeds that you can keep in the free range model. These include the following:-

  • The Israeli Kabir Chicken
  • Chinese chicken breeds like the Luong Phuong and the Tam Hoang
  • Local Filipino chickens
  • Crossbreeds of Philippines local chicken breeds and the Rhode island breeds

The housing for free range chickens in Philippines can be built cheaply using locally available materials such as bamboo and iron sheets. It should be in an East-West orientation and must be well aerated. Our Philippines free range chicken rearing manual contains some housing designs that free range poultry farmers in the Philippines can embrace.

It is also important to know the right kind of food that you should give your free range chickens and in what amounts, how to prepare the barn, when to treat them, when to give them antibiotics, when to take them out to the pasture and for how long and other useful details that will help you run a successful free range farm in the Philippines. Check out our Marketplace for some of the Philippines Free Range Farming Manuals available for sale.

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Philippines Poultry Farming Guide PDF

The poultry farming industry in the Philippines is one of the largest in the world with broiler production alone expected to hit 1 billion in 2015. It is also one of the most mechanized and sophisticated thanks to the innovation of the some of the leading producers in the country. If you are planning to venture into poultry farming in the country, there are numerous routes of investment that you can opt for. These include the following:-

  • Broiler farming in Philippines
  • Layer Farming in Philippines
  • Free Range Chicken Farming in Philippines

We offer various Philippines poultry farming manuals to cater for the needs of various poultry farmers in the countries. These include the following:-

  • Philippines Broiler Farming Manual
  • Philippines Layer Farming Manuals
  • Philippines Layer Farming Manuals

Our manuals give you useful tips that you need in order to maximize on your production and generate millions from poultry farming in Philippines even if you start with a small capital. Our manuals are produced by Filipino poultry experts who can recommend for you the best practices that you need in order to maximize on poultry production.

We offer you tips on how to get the market for your Filipino poultry products, the challenges that you are likely to face, the best Philippines poultry breeds to choose to rearing, how much to feed your poultry, how to efficiently maximize on poultry production in order to generate maximum profits, how to source stocks, the various poultry production systems that you can choose in the Philippines, how to manage your poultry flock, feeding and nutrition for your poultry in the Philippines, housing your poultry as well as the best kinds of housing designs to build for poultry, regulations to take note of, business plans and many other details of poultry production in Philippines.

Get in touch with us and order your Philippines poultry farming manual today!

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Poultry Production in the Philippines

Philippines Poultry Raising Guide and Manual

Due to the fact the chicken is used in many Filipino delicacies, the country has a highly prolific poultry industry and the demand is also growing fast as population grows. Poultry production in the Philippines is one of those industries that can easily make you a millionaire within the shortest time possible if you choose the right poultry breeds either for eggs or meat and apply the right management techniques for your poultry.

If you are farmer who do notĀ  have much capital or scale, you may even invest as a contract grower and begin rearing quality chicken for some of the large poultry processorsĀ  in the Philippines. Integrated contract farming ventures are some of the most profitable in the country. In the year 2014 alone, close to 900 million broilers were produced in the Philippines. That is expected to hit 1 billion in 2015 and the growth is projected to increase in 2016.

In order to run a successful broiler farming operation in the Philippines, you need to get several things right. These include the following:-

  • Proper breed selection
  • Proper housing
  • Proper feeding
  • Disease management
  • Good biosecurity
  • Technology and mechanization of the poultry farming in the Philippines in order to get the best results from poultry farming.

Get our Philippines Poultry Production Manual and learn all the useful know-how on how you can succeed in broiler poultry farming and expand your poultry enterprise so that you can build a million dollar poultry empire in the Philippines. We offer tips on how to purchase the best poultry breeds from Filipino poultry hatcheries, what feed to feed the broilers, how to feed them as well as the right biosecurity and vaccinations to apply in order to reduce chick mortality. Contact us today and order the best broiler poultry production manual in the Philippines right now.

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