Building a Chicken Coop in the Philippines

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If you are a contract chicken farmer in the Philippines, you will get a great deal of technical support on poultry housing design in the Philippines including building plans and on site support.

A Simple Modern Chicken Coop Made of Timber and Iron Sheets

A Simple Modern Chicken Coop Made of Timber and Iron Sheets

That high level of support is however not available for many independent poultry producers or even those planning to venture into contract chicken growing and need info to familiarize themselves with the requirements of poultry housing design in the Philippines.

One you have put your fingers on the core design considerations for a poultry house in the Philippines, it is very easy to proceed with the construction process. You can even use cheap locally available materials to construct an ideal poultry house. Here are some of the main design considerations to keep in mind when constructing a chicken house suited for the Philippine climate:-


A good poultry house must offer sufficient protection for the birds from the elements and predators, including human predators. So the structure should be very strong and solid and should not be breached easily.

Good Stocking Density

Don’t raise your chickens a small confined space the size of an A4 paper. Chickens need lots of space for exercise and movement so you must account for this when constructing a chicken house. The space requirements generally depends on the type of bird that you are raising. Here are some examples of recommended stocking densities for various kinds of chickens:-


Lighting is key, especially if you are raising your chickens for egg production with the right brightness. Technical specialists can advise you on the right amount of lux that will give you optimal egg production. The windows can also be great source of lighting during the day.


The chicken coop must be well ventilated. The gases produced by the birds such as ammonia must be taken out of the poultry house and fresh air let in. Make sure your chicken housing design is well ventilated to keep it fresh and well aerated. If you are building a small chicken coop, windows or vents on one side of the poultry house can provide adequate ventilation.

Poultry Farming Guides


The ideal design for a poultry house should be one with an East-West orientation. The size of the poultry house should also correspond to the preferred stocking density for your poultry farming enterprise in the Philippines.

Poultry Farming Guides

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